18 May

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PC Initiatives




Spiro Refresher

Peer Group

New Staff

Save the date

Message from CE


Vulnerable Children Act







4 May


Influenza Fact Sheet

Rx Quality Tips


Communication Cards

Cornerstone Webinar

Dr S Busch

ERMS April



Office update May 18


20 April

Workshop Programme



St John

GoodSAM App


Screening Tool


Heart and Diabetes Check


Infectious Patient

Dyslipidaemia in PC

MC of HP

Booklet - HVD

CAHMS Changes

Patient Portal

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PBB Flyer

Eat Move Grow

Reversing Pre-Diabetes

Vaccine Fridge

Falls prevention in ERMS

NZ Health Survey

6 April

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DON Role Survey


Pat Neuwelt


BCG update

Dr Gurney

Resources in Multiple Languages

eHealth Nursing

Disaster Relief Fund



22nd March

Smoking Brief advice

EOC Foundation 

Smokefree Facilitator

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RASNZ Training

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Spirometry Update

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Sexual Assault 

Family Planning

9th March

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CVD Risk Assessment and Management

Epilepsy NZ


Heart Foundation

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Dr Ron Jones

Influenza Vaccine

Vulnerable Kids


St John

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NZ Health Survey



Youth Health Fest

Hauora Direct Project


16th February


Notifiable Diseases

Immunisation Talk

Emergency Planning

Cornerstone Webinar

Notifiable Diseases

Eat Move Grow - Letter

Sexual Assault

NTM letters

Retrospective notification to cardiac surgery patients about the risk of infection due to Non-Tuberculous Mycobacterium (NTM)

IMAC update

eLearning Dementia Education

PMHI availability for Floor Related Tahuna

Decision to fund HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP)

Dr Monique Stravens

Nurse Practitioner for Primary Mental Health

National Enrolment service update No.22

Advance notice of consultation about changes to the Pharmaceutical Schedule Rules

Expressions of Interest - Clinical working group 

Patient Portal Reports

Newborn Enrolment

18 January

DHB Mental Health

ERMS Update - N/M

Pfizer NZ

MoH - Weight Management Guidelines

NCSP Update Dec 17

Insulation Grants

New Gout Resources

Nelson Tasman Hospice


Immpho Feb


Practice Portal 

22 December

ERMS newsletter

Health Pro Adv

Letters to Prov



8 December

NBPH coughing poster

Coughing etiquette poster

New Cough in the last 10 days

2018 Heart and diabetes

NBPH update

GP Health Aliance

Health Pro advisory no.2

ImmPHO newsletter

National Outbreak

Diabetic food card

Diabetic CPR


Vero invite


Advice from Richard

17 November

Smoking target




Health and safety


10 November


CGC summary

NES V CBF Registers for Funding

Changes to PMHI

Cluster meeting MH

ERMS reslease


Healthy Homes

Imms meeting

PHO access to cornerstone

ERMS and Diabetes update

27 November

Brief Advice to Stop Smoking Total to the 30 September 2017

CVD Risk Assessment Total to the 30 September 2017

Mumps update to Medical Officers of Health

Mumps - local breakout

School Based Immunisation Programme

South Island SUDI Workshops

Safeguarding Children and Young People – Child Protection Workshop Level

Goodfellow Unit Webinar – Conversations with parents about unhealthy weight in a child

Edanz – Parents Carers and Partners Role in Eating Disorder Recovery

Fertility NZ Making babies with help, information and self-care

Multidisciplinary - Primary Care Mental Health & then Primary Secondary Care Interface

Safeguarding Children and Young People – Interactive Child Protection Policy Development Worksop

Midland Cancer Network - Expression of Interest

New for Subscribers to New Zealand Doctor

QE Health, Post Polio

Te Pou's Fortnightly e-Bulletin

Health Intelligence Messenger

HPV shortage





13 October 2017

Cue cards Burmese

Cue card Chin

Cue cards Spanish

Cue cards Nepalese

QIA scholarships 2018

2018 PHO Improvement advisor Programme

2018 Participant and project info

Breastfeeding Support flier

Dietitian Service


MedTech release

Nelson PHO invite

SSI invite


5 October 2017


Dr INFO news

HF Mapua flyer

HF Nelson flyer

HF Living with heart conditions Nelson flyer

TBHP flyer generic

Toddler better health info

IMMPHO October

MOH sector update

NES update

Motueka Maternity Service update

CGC key messages September

PHARMAC update NRT and ECP

NP training programme application

NP training programme info

TOP update on capacity

Stop smoking service

22 September 2017

Changes to the Needs Assessment Service

DHB health targets Q4 2016/17

Patient safety week information

The Kids BMI study

NES - MoH Answers to our Questions

How to re-enrol a patient

Enrolment expiry issue 19 September - MoH communication

13 September-2017

MASS presentation

Child Asthma

Strengthening Families referral form

Apprenticeship for people working in Primary Care

Hep C Audit

Changing the landscape for children

Patient Portal

1 September-2017

Questions and Answers for GPs

Summary of NBPH funded clinical programmes 24 Aug

MAS Presentation

Valuable ACP Training Opportunities Coming to Nelson

Code2Road and beyond

The Long Game programme

GP's wanted for Urine Trimethoprim audit

Meth in our region



Cardiology Interactive Day

Dr David Rheumatology

Research opportunity for rural GP

Instructions for Medtech users

Instructions for My Practice users

Breast Screening Pamphlets

Mumps Advisory Public Health Alert

Patient Experience Survey Overview

PES Practice Information

PES Patient handout sheet

PES Useful Links

HPIF Agenda

NBPH Clinical Programmes and Services updated

QED Health and Disability Code

DrInfo Training and Updates

Red Cross Services

NZNO Open letter to NZ Voters

Pharmac - Amendment

ERMS Release 68

HPV Schedule 2017


*Rheumatology Clinic

Clinical Programmes 9 August

Strengthening Families Information

SF Referral Form

Immpho newsletter for vaccinators

Newborn Enrolment with General Practice

Information for vaccinators/general practice

NBPH Clinical Programmes and Services

Goodfellow unit prescribing

Talk Imms Education

*Toddler Better Health

NZNO Meeting


How to book an interpreter

Interpreting NZ Service

New Zealand Harkness Fellowship

NBPH Clinical Governance Key Message Summary

GP2GP Update

BCG Vaccine availability update

Request for GP's cc'ing lab results to Specialists

Webinar with CEO, Marcus Wilson

Age Concern action plan

PHARMAC: Consultation letter - Diabetes Management

Motueka Heart Foundation seminar

Influenza like illness in the region

Increase in pertussis notifications

Restorative care in the South Island - Brochure

Restorative Care in the South Island - Survey

MedLab Nelson Marlborough community Antibiogram 2016 results

MedLab Nelson Marlborough community Antibiogram 2016 commentary


New services in Motueka

Toddler Better Health

Generic TBHP flyer

Newborns Enrolment Table

ACC new reporting

Whakakotahi 2018

2017 Motueka Flyer BBC

2017 Sing Your Lungs Out flyer Mot

2017 Better Breathers timetable

Nelson Asthma Membership form

National Adverse Events Reporting Policy Overview

National Adverse Events Reporting Policy

HealthOne Access Deed

HealthOne Presentation

DAR info

Dr David Rheumatology