Green Prescription is a service that helps you make small, achievable changes so you can gain health.


This service will help with:

  • Identifying what you need to change and why;

  • Supporting you to develop realistic goals (targets) and create a plan of action to get there;

  • Building your internal motivation (so you keep going) with the overall aim to empower your lifestyle changes so they become normal healthy habits for you and your family.

  • Guide you to become self-sufficient in managing your own long-term health.

Can anyone in Nelson / Tasman have a Green Prescription?

You need to be over 18 years old; have stable health and be ready to make some small changes. If you feel you will benefit from support in making some lifestyle changes then Green Prescription is for you.

Discuss a Green Prescription with your doctor or nurse; or call us direct on 0800 731 317.

What are your choices?

The best way to get started is attending QuickStart, a free, one-off session that builds knowledge and confidence about lifestyle choices. There is no physical activity in this session.

You may then choose to join KickStart, a multi-week programme held at your local recreational facility. KickStart begins with 30mins of discussion followed by 30mins of gentle physical activity, either in a pool or gym (in some sessions).

What happens now?

Your Green Prescription needs the support of your doctor, nurse or health professional. You may wish to ask your doctor or nurse for a referral or you can contact us by completing the on-line registration form below and we will contact your doctor on your behalf.

Once we have your details we'll write to you and outline the process from there.

So, if you are ready to start making some small changes and gain better health register now.

Register on line now HERE

Who can access this service?

Adults who are ready and willing, and need to change any aspect of their food and activity choices.

How to get a Green Prescription

  • Talk to your doctor, practice nurse, physiotherapist, lead maternity carer or any healthcare provider;
  • Or call 0800 731 731 and ask for the Green Prescription team.
  • Or register on line HERE