Healthy Hearts

Healthy Hearts is a group information session that is part of your treatment and recovery following a heart event, often referred to as Cardiac Rehabilitation.

Groups are reasonably small with 15-20 participants and delivered in a community venue e.g. local hall.

This service will help you with:

  • What has happened and why;
  • Understanding your risk factors;
  • Taking control of your future heart health;
  • Managing physical activity;
  • Making sense of cholesterol and blood pressure numbers;
  • Medications and symptom management;
  • Eating for heart health;
  • Where to go for further support or information;
  • Receiving up-to-date information/advice on your condition/treatment & medications;
  • Your questions answered by specialists;
  • Receiving practical guidelines for physical activity and eating for heart health;
  • Listen to, or share with others who have faced or are facing similar issues;
  • An opportunity for your family/whānau or support person to be involved in your care and recovery;
  • Coming to terms with what has happened, and gaining the confidence to move forward.
Learnt more on this day than over 10 years and 5 heart attacks
Very helpful, feeling more confident now
I thought I knew everything but now realise I didn’t

If you need a different option / group sessions don’t suit you:

You can receive the Heart Guide Aotearoa, which is a home-based rehabilitation guide from the Heart Foundation, which is delivered over the telephone with support from the Community Education Coordinator (Heart & Diabetes). 

Both options are FREE and provided by Nelson Bays Primary Health with support from Nelson Hospital Cardiology staff and The Heart Foundation.

Patients who attended the Nelson Bays Primary Health "Healthy Hearts" session talk about their experience.

For more information

Heart Foundation - Heart Attack Help
Heart Foundation - Heart Help
Watch 'New Lease of Life' video


Bee Williamson
Community Education Coordinator – Heart & Diabetes
Nelson Bays Primary Health
Phone: 03 543 7836
Mob: 021 409 552
Free: 0800 731 317

Who can access this service?

Anyone who has recently been discharged from hospital following a heart attack, heart procedure or heart surgery and their family/whanau support person/s. Sessions are held around the region and delivered in a relaxed, informal way.