Strengthening Families

Strengthening Families is an independent process that enables you to choose any support services you, your partner and your children may need or want when trying to overcome any of the challenges listed below. The process can also be used as a way of making sure any support you already receive is co-ordinated and everyone is on the same page.

Strengthening Families can help with:

  •   Housing or accommodation issues
  •   Financial hardship or situation
  •   Debt or budgeting issues
  •   Unsure of benefit entitlements and W&I involvement
  •   Physical health or disability issues
  •   Mental health issues
  •   Drug/alcohol/gambling issues
  •   Employment/unemployment/childcare issues
  •   Relationship issues
  •   Isolation from community or family
  •   Practical support – transport/telephone/other
  •   Emotional/Parenting Support
  •   Behaviour challenges
  •   Offending issues
  •   Neglect/bullying or family violence
  •   Lack of support
  •   Safety issues
  •   Behaviour at school
  •   Truancy
  •   Alternative schooling needs
  •   Other education issues


Phone: 03 543 7825
Fax: 03 539 4958
Post: 281 Queen Street, Richmond, 7040

Who can access this service?

  1. Your family has children under 18 years
  2. Your family has at least one organisation or agency working with you
  3. Your family wants support to overcome a variety of challenges

How to be referred

  1. Make sure you agree with the 3 statements to the left
  2. Fill in the Referral and Consent form
  3. Post, fax or email referral and consent form to Co-ordinator (details above)

Please contact Kerry at any stage if you are unsure