Green Prescription provides support and self-management education to patients in group-style formats.

The ideal pathway is for the patient to first attend QuickStart, a free, 2.5 hour session that addresses beliefs, behaviours and motivation - amongst other things. There is no physical activity in this session although it is designed with a highly-interactive focus.

Patients are then encouraged to take part in the highly-successful KickStart programme. This runs for a number of weeks and is made up of 30mins education followed by 30mins activity in a pool or gym (depending on the session).

Examples of topics covered include:

  • Healthy eating, food groups, portion sizes, reasons for eating (evidence-based and credible information)
  • Benefits of, and barriers to, and motivation for physical activity
  • How to manage cholesterol through diet and physical activity
  • The psychology of making changes
  • Goal setting and forward planning

Referrers should consider the following criteria when deciding if Green Prescription is suitable for patients:

  • The patient exhibits a willingness to make any lifestyle change (however small)

  • Any medical and/or mental conditions should be well-managed and stable

  • The patient should be at least 18 years of age.

  • The patient should be agreeable to the referral being made.

Referrals can be made electronically here.

Patient-orientated promotional brochure can be found here.