Primary Care Dietitians (Nutrition Service)

NBPH NZ registered Dietitians are available to work with individuals and small groups to identify and make dietary and behaviour changes to prevent and manage patients’ long term lifestyle related conditions.

Where possible, individuals are seen within their own General Practice.

The Dietitians work closely with the Green Prescription service and Health Promotion programmes to support people to increase their activity levels, change their eating habits and achieve their lifestyle goals.

This service will help with:

  • Workforce development on specific nutrition and health related topics;
  • Nutrition Case Reviews;
  • Nutrition resources;
  • Supporting your patients/clients with healthy eating and behaviour change;
  • Planning nutrition education small group sessions for patients/clients;
  • Delivery of Childhood Obesity programmes.

The dietitians are unable to work within education environments and aged residential care. For alternative options, please contact us to discuss.

This service also delivers a Toddler Better Health programme: 

This is an 8-week group programme designed to support parents (and their toddlers) to eat well, play together and grow to be healthy, happy families. The programme is evidence-based and follows best practice guidelines so the information received is credible and well-balanced. It is delivered in an interactive way and involves the caregiver (or parents) and the children together. The programme is delivered each term at various locations around the Nelson Tasman region.

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Referral is via the CCC advanced form (for General Practice) or web-portal here:

Contact: Tonia Talbot | Primary Care Dietitican. Tel: 03 543 7814, 0800 731 317 Email:


Who can access this service?


  • Newly diagnosed coeliac disease;
  • Nutrition problems in pregnancy e.g. weight management in pregnancy, low iron in pregnancy;
  • Newly diagnosed Type 2;
  • Type 2 with raised HbA1c, including those initiating insulin via General Practice;
  • Diagnosed irritable bowel syndrome for low FODMAP dietary management;
  • Cardiovascular risk over 15%;
  • Newly diagnosed adult food allergy;
  • Obesity BMI>30 with comorbidities or >35 without comorbidities;
  • Poor nutritional intake with resulting weight loss/malnutrition.


  • Newly diagnosed coeliac disease;
  • Fussy eating excluding an entire food group;
  • Poor intake/knowledge with assocated comorbidites e.g. weight loss, low iron, overweight;
  • Single food allergy and diagnosed intolerance over 12 months without faltering growth;
  • Overweight/obesity;
  • Diagnosed iron deficiency;
  • Diet-related constipion.

How to be referred

Primary health care service provider or GP with Non-scheduled Dietitian Clinic
If your practice does not have a regular scheduled clinic, please refer your patients via the Community Care Coordination (CCC) referral form, choosing Primary Care Services > Community Nutrition. Please include diagnosis, weight and height, and your assessment of the nutritional guidance and support required for the patient. If it is unclear whether the patient meets the eligibility criteria, you will be contacted for further information.

General Practice Dietitian clinic
If regular, scheduled Primary Care Dietitian clinics are provided at your practice, please book patients directly into these. A referral via Community Care Coordination (CCC) is NOT required.