What's required for a Sexual Health Check?

The “Should I have a Sexual Health Check?” leaflet from Public Health suggests a sexual health consultation should cover sexual history, timing, partner(s) and physical tests that may include: visual, blood test, swab test & urine test and an internal examination. – See GP resources attached.

GPs and Nurses may tailor the consultation to meet the individuals’ needs, so consider including…

  • Promote being aware of sexual health, what that means and having choices
  • Check sex was consensual.
  • Discuss risks if alcohol /drugs/no regular partner/violence.
  • Check for any STI’s symptomatic or silent
  • Check for pregnancy and provide advice according to the result
  • Discuss contraceptive options
  • Don’t forget the importance of regular cervical smears (IPIF)

“It’s not just discussing contraception, but prescribing,” Annette Milligan.

NMDHB/NBPH will pay practices for each sexual health consultation provided. Please claim payment via the NBPH web portal.