Pain Service (Persistent Non-Malignant Pain) 

For adults suffering from on-going pain

Our programme:

  • Is based on well-established research which is used internationally to assist people like you with persistent pain;
  • Pain management means assisting you to gain a greater understanding of your on-going pain, plus providing strategies and coping skills to enable you to manage your pain more effectively.

Our aim is to assist you with learning and discovering ways of being in control of your life despite pain, so you can move ahead with doing the things you want to do. 

Your programme will include some of the following:

  • Education on understanding pain mechanisms;
  • Activity and exercise programme;
  • Education on sleep management;
  • Strategies for managing your thoughts and emotions that occur with pain;
  • Activity planning, prioritising and pacing;
  • Relaxation and deep breathing skills;
  • Flare-up management and relapse prevention.

Interesting YouTube videos:

Understanding pain in less than 5 minutes

Brainman stops his opioids

Who can access this service?

The service is available to anyone:
• At risk of developing significant persistent pain problem;
• Aged 16 years and over with persistent pain which has lasted for more than 3 months;
• For people who have had all curative treatment options explored.

Please note, while the Service may in some cases include aspects of medical management, the focus is not on a pharmaceutical approach to the management of pain.

How to be referred

Your GP can refer you through to the Persistent Non-Malignant Pain Service