Refugees & Migrant Support

New Zealand, as part of its international humanitarian obligations, has accepted refugees for resettlement since the 1930’s.

New Zealand is unique in that it reserves its quota placements for the neediest cases such as medically disabled, women-at-risk and protection cases.

There are 3 ways refugees arrive in NZ: 

  1. Via the Governments refugee quota allocation.
  2. Refugee family sponsorship or family reunion members.
  3. Asylum seekers.

Very few refugees have emerged from their experiences without having endured or witnessed some form of physical or psychological trauma.

From the MoH, Refugee Health Care 2012 defines refugees as human casualties that stream from the worlds trouble spots. They are driven from their homelands by major crisis such as war, religious and political persecution, brutal regimes, ethnic cleansing, military uprising and anarchy.



Who can access this service?

  1. Refugees
  2. Migrants

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