Smoke Free Education and
Assistance with Brief Advice Targets

Assistance is available in your practice to assist with Smoking Brief Advice as well as Staff Education. Offering brief advice is known to encourage smokers to consider quitting and seek help.

This service will help you with:

  • Staff training and education;
  • Quit card support;
  • Reaching Ministry of Health (MOH) health targets.

How is this best achieved?

A systematic approach works best – following the ‘ABC approach’ for smoking cessation.

A - Ask about and document smoking status for all patients 15 years and older.
B - Brief Advice. For all people who smoke, advise them the risks and offer cessation support.
C - Cessation Support. Offer cessation support. A referral to a smoking cessation provider or a prescription for a smoking cessation medicine with advice on how to obtain cessation support will prompt more people to make a quit attempt than just advising them to quit.

What happens when a patient refuses an offer of cessation support?

This should be documented. The documentation of ‘refused offer of cessation support’ implies that a discussion around stopping smoking has occurred and an offer of support to quit were made. This will still count towards the health target.

What tools are available to assist primary care staff to undertake opportunistic ABC interventions?

There are a number of support tools that are available. Some examples are listed below.

Prompting Tools: Prompting tools such as alerts and dashboard remind staff to provide ABC and make referral for cessation support easier.
Interactive Tools: Texting services to engage your patient in a response or considering to quit.
Appointment scanner: Appointment scanner is a dashboard clip-on that identifies the patients among the list of daily appointments, who need an updated smoking status and/or offer of cessation support.
Quitline referral tool: Launch Quitline Referral. All Medtech 32 users have access to the ‘Manage My Health’ menu which is free and does not require any subscription.
Audit tools: Dr Info, Internal practice system audits / query builds.
Personalised support: Contact our Smoke-free Facilitator 03 5437804.

Can alternative methods be used to deliver the components of ‘ABC’?

Yes. Brief intervention has been shown to be most effective when provided by face to face contact. However alternative methods can be used to undertake components of ABC to supplement the clinical ‘ABC’ activity that occurs in general practice.

It is important to integrate these alternative approaches within routine and on-going clinical practice. These approaches should also be incorporated into daily practice, and not only seen as ‘one off’ ways to meet the health target. Examples of methods that can be considered include telephoning or text messaging and acting on the reply.


Phone: 03 5391170
Freephone: 0800 778 778

Who can access this service?

Nelson Bays Primary Health (NBPH) will provide funding for patients identified in a high priority group who are ready to quit and choose to use their general practice for cessation support. The package includes one initial in practice consult and 3 follow-ups either face to face or by phone.

For more information and payments  go to the web portal form and view eligibility and funding tab under NBPH Smoking Cessation Consults.

How to be referred

  • NBPH Web Portal for funded packages for eligible patients.

  • Call our Smoking Facilitator Vicky on 03 539 1170 or 021 955 865 to arrange in practice visits or staff education.