Community Funding and Support

Nelson Bays Primary Health has two contestable Health Promotion funds that support community groups or organisations to start a health promotion initiative or train and
up-skill staff or volunteers

Applying for Community Initiative Support

‘Community Initiative Support’ provides an opportunity for a community provider to ask for help to develop and deliver new health promotion initiatives. ‘Help’ may be financial or ‘in-kind’ (as listed in the application form). 

Successful applications should:

  • address a community health need that no other service is addressing.

  • explain the initiative in detail and how it will improve health & wellness

  • show measurable outcomes through evaluation. The evaluation needs to show:

    • what was done

    • how well it was done (participation evidence) and;

    • who was better off (improved health & wellness evidence)

Preferred initiatives will:

  • support health priorities on a local, regional or national level

  • reach high needs communities e.g. Maori, Pasifika, Refugee or those who live in low socio-economic communities and;

  • include a health literacy lens (be easily understood by all).

Initiatives that target or include children must show evidence of having child protection policies.

Nelson Bays Primary Health will not fund:

  • advertising, promotion (print, media, radio or TV) or photocopying

  • food or catering (including sugary drinks, alcohol)

  • an event involving alcohol consumption

  • fundraising initiatives, campaigning or activites associated with political parties

  • initiatives that support communities outside Nelson Bays

  • an initiative:

    • that does not have a health promotion focus

    • that has been run before (must be start-up or new)

    • used to make a profit or to pay wages

    • that does not have a smoke-free policy

    • from an organisation or group that has failed to submit a feedback report from prior NBPH funding

View the full Community Initiative Funding Information

Download the Community Initiatives Funding Application

Applying for Workforce Development Grants

Workforce Development Grants provide financial support to community organisations, NGOs or volunteer groups by enabling professional development of staff or volunteers. The overall aim of this scheme is to help reduce the disparities of health by increasing the skill-levels of the health-promoting workforce.

Successful applications will be:

  • a one-off grant of up to $500

  • will be limited to one grant per organisation or group per year

  • able to explain how your workforce development will impact on high-needs communities e.g. Maori, Pasifika, Refugees or those who live in low socio-economic environments

  • targeted towards workers who don’t already receive professional development support within their workplace

Access the Workforce Development Funding Application


Accountability and Acknowledgement

Accountability is key when applying for and receiving funds. Successful applicants should use this Feedback Reporting template to guide feedback reporting.


Marc Davidsen
Acting Health Promotion Coordinator
Phone: (03) 543 7828

Please contact Marc for Word versions of these application forms that can be typed and emailed